January 2017

Canadian Shopping Malls Are Beating The Pants Off U.S. Ones

16/01/2017 |
Here’s a bit of a surprise: The busiest shopping centre in North America isn’t in New York or L.A., as one might expect. It’s in Toronto — the iconic Eaton Centre. That’s just one tidbit of information from the Retail Council of Canada’s recent report, which shows Canadian malls are beating their U.S. counterparts on many of the measures that count. Opening day of the new Nordstrom location in Toronto's Eaton Centre, Sept. 16, 2016. The mall is the busiest in the U.S. or Canada, with nearly 49 million visitors in 2015.
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The real risk? The last five minutes of an interview

03/01/2017 |
You have spent a good hour putting in tons of effort to look interested, dynamic, perceptive, curious, and—five minutes to the end—you lose your balance and wipe out. One last question knocks you off your feet, you let out a thank you that sounds fake, an innappropriate gesture right as you’re leaving. Here is some […] The post appeared first on Jobs.ca.
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