Examples of job titles

  • Shipping/receiving coordinator
  • Merchandise shipping/receiving clerk
  • Shipper/receiver


Shipping/receiving clerks plan and coordinate merchandise transit activities. They can also be required to manage customer orders, their receipt, inter-store transfers, and warehouse organization and stocking.
They are also responsible for ensuring the proper shipment of deliveries and the integrity of inventory. Labelling and document management form part of their duties. In some cases, shipping/receiving clerks operate forklifts.


A diploma of collegial studies in transportation logistics techniques or a high school leaving certificate may be required
Training on the work methods, and safety policies and procedures in effect in the company is often required
General computer know-how is required if this tool is used (Access or Excel software)
Often required to carry loads, so being in good physical shape
A minimum distribution centre experience is sometimes asked for

Personal qualities

  • Liking to be active and work in a fast-paced environment
  • Good teamwork skills
  • Good organization skills
  • Sense of autonomy and responsibility
  • Ability to grasp things quickly

What the pros say

Daniel Fraser, SAQ shipping clerk

What are the advantages and disadvantages of your job?

It's a very motivating job, in which there's always something to do. It's gratifying to be granted responsibilities, whether it involves loading, or timeframes to be observed. 

How do you fit into the ordering process?

My work is to act as a transmitter. I am the link between the loading technicians and clerks, that is, I intervene between the order preparation and loading stage. My job doesn't call for carrying loads. 

Which qualities do you consider important for this job?

You have to be reliable, because of the responsibilities that may be assigned to you. Good teamwork skills are essential, and finally, you have to be able to supervise people.
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