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What Challenges Does a Neighbourhood Organic Grocery Store Face

Organic products are popular. According to QuébecBio, the number of businesses holding an organic certification went up from 1,592 in 2017 to 2,025 within a single year while the number of local organic products reached the impressive figure of 9,500. Points of sale of organic products have also multiplied in recent years. Located in the […]


Are you made to have a retail store?

After working for others for years, you have decided to make your dream come true: open your own store. But not everyone has the entrepreneurial fibre. And even if you take over a business, do you have the required qualities and motivation to bear the sacrifices peculiar to this profession?  Having an entrepreneur’s soul For […]


Tips to Improve Your Display Windows

Visual presentation – it has an influence on whether passers-by will decide to step into a shop or not, and what they will come out with. Surprise, attract, inspire… Here are some keys to charm the eye of your customers! Visual merchandising of a product is more than just dressing up mannikins. In the sales […]

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Will You Work for an Online Store?

Online stores don’t just hire developers! Portrait of the different non-technical professions in e-commerce, where experience in retail sales or in accounting is an asset. There is no doubt that programmers, engineers and statisticians are essential employees for proper functioning of an online store, whether of modest size or a multinational e-commerce company. But you […]

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Confessions of a Former Store Manager

A real orchestra conductor, the store manager organizes and develops the shop’s business. Business strategy, stock supervision, personnel management and customer satisfaction are all on his shoulders. It is a very worthwhile job, but one that has heavy responsibilities that can be difficult to bear. Admissions of a former store manager. Ghislain St-Amand began his […]


6 Tips to Boost In-Store Sales

With giants such as Amazon, which is revolutionizing consumer habits, more and more sales are carried out online. To meet this challenge, retail merchants must innovate to keep and gain market share. Here are some ideas to implement to increase in-store sales. 1. Motivating your workforce The key principle for successfully increasing your sales turnover […]

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The Art of Managing Different Types of Customers

Customers as kings, customers in a hurry and undecided customers. Sales consultants face different types of customers every day and each must be managed in a specific way to successfully make a sale. Here are some tips to get you there. “The retail field is very demanding,” says Patricia Lapierre, executive director of Retail Quebec. […]

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Customer Loyalty – How to Obtain it

Points cards, attractive discounts, targeted promotional emails – some merchants bring out the heavy artillery to build customer loyalty. Is providing unequaled customer experience sufficient to accomplish this? Here’s how to go about it, with simple and practical actions. A company’s success obviously depends on its ability to attract new customers, to renew itself and to […]

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The Risks of Working Standing Up

Whether you are a cashier or a waiter in a restaurant, these professional activities require you to stand for several hours at a time. How do you avoid back pain? Advice from a specialist. As recognized by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS), a protracted standing and semi-immobile position causes work-related musculoskeletal […]

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What Every Manager Appreciates in His Employees

Working in a retail shop or business, when there are no crowds of shoppers, do you kill time looking at your smartphone’s screen. Here’s what to do instead to make a good impression and demonstrate your value to your manager. In this type of business, your superiors will expect you to get ahead of your […]

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5 Tips for Handling a Complaint Well

Every company has to face management of complaints. Of course, having to respond to a dissatisfied customer is not the easiest part of customer service. Yet by applying certain strategies, you will avoid the worst and even succeed in maintaining a good relationship with your customers. To talk to us about it, who could be […]

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Work in a Small Shop or Big Box?

To work as a sales clerk in a small shop or within a large chain? That’s the dilemma many job seekers have who want to venture into the vast world of the retail trade. But they both have their advantages. Élise Gilbert now works as a manager at Dr Martens, a small shoe store located […]

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