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7 Tips for Managing Your Inventory Well

Having enough products in stock to meet customer demand while avoiding a surplus of goods that would increase costs – the right balance is not always easy to find. Here are some tips to follow for efficient inventory management. Text: Diane Stehlé Invest in stock management software Of course, you can use an Excel file to […]


10 Winning Strategies for a Successful Online Store

So you have decided to build your online store to put your products within reach of as many customers as possible. Congratulations! But what do you do so that your platform becomes a performing online store and retains its visitors and quickly generates sales? What are the best practices so that your online business is […]

Company life

Do You Know How to Unplug Yourself?

Evenings, weekends, holidays: you can’t help avoid taking a peek at your work inbox to deal with details and emergencies or leave your phone turned on in case someone needs you. At a time when more and more countries are putting laws in place that favour the right to disconnect, learn about the best reflexes to completely cut […]


10 Tips to Promote Your Online Store

That’s it. Your online store is ready. Until now you have been focusing on your products. Now you have to find ways to promote your business to generate traffic and sales. But be careful! Marketing and advertising costs can quickly grow significantly and strain your budget. Here are some tips that will let your e-business […]

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Job search: make it personal

To find a job adapted to your needs and abilities, it’s essential to personalize your cv. But what aspects should you focus on to pique the interest of the recruiter? An expert answers us. In response to a job offer, an employer can often receive more than a hundred applications. The CV and cover letter […]

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Do you have a career development plan?

In life, we often like to believe in our lucky star… From a professional point of view, establishing a career development plan can actually help the stars to align themselves. A career plan: a development tool that we’ve all heard about, but… who has one? However, according to Al Dea, career development specialist, those who […]

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Some Tips for Passive Job Seekers

“The reality of today’s job market is that people are in motion. They move from one job to another quickly,” sums up Éloïc Lévesque-Dorion, employment counsellor at the Montreal Downtown Job Search Club. “People stay in the same company for three years on average,” he adds. “Everyone will eventually have to find another job.” Even […]


10 Questions to Ask Before Opening an Online Store

Having an online store is essential today to increase the visibility of your products and grow sales. However, setting up an e-commerce site requires some preparation. Before launching headlong into development or looking for a supplier, ask yourself the right questions! Do you really need an online store? Why would you want to build your own […]


What challenges does a store manager face?

Supervising employees, achieving sales objectives, overseeing the day-to-day running of the store – the store manager’s job is demanding and comes with heavy responsibilities. There are also many challenges and they require versatility and good responsiveness. Mélissa Lauzon, manager for five years in various retail stores (including Le Château and BCBG Max Azria) tells us […]


How to Assert Your Personality With a Recruiter

To stand out, skills are not enough – you have to know how to arouse the recruiter’s interest by highlighting your personality. How do you achieve this in a résumé, on social media? Tips. Targeting the required personal qualities Showcasing your personality is a good way of enhancing your candidacy and eliciting a call from […]


Newcomers – Adapting Your Résumé for Canada

What are the characteristics that distinguish a Canadian résumé? Here are some aspects to consider, if you have just arrived in the country. From pragmatism and adaptation to the job offer Canadian recruiters expect to find the exact requirements of the job offer in your résumé. Sort through your business information to include only those […]


How to survive the big chains and online businesses when you are a neighbourhood store The example of Homier Luminaire.

Established in the Rosemont district of Montreal for over 80 years, Homier Luminaire ( still has the wind in its sails. This company that specializes in the lighting field, both residential and commercial, has been able to carve out an enviable place in the industry, despite the market’s evolution. It’s manager, Jérôme Homier, explains how […]

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