Branch Planning and Construction


  • Branch development coordinator
  • Branch construction/planning manager
  • Commercial buildings project manager or coordinator


The planning, construction and renovation department is in charge of the building and layout of branches for major banners. It is active in work involving the building, moving, enlarging or renovating of annexes.

Large companies often have this department in house, while others call on independent firms.

Construction and planning are not the same:

  • The construction department designs and constructs the building per se.
  • The planning department takes care of branch layout: decoration, installation and arrangement of furniture and shelf fittings. This department ensures that the chain’s norms and standards are observed. Finally, it is responsible for the logistics linked to openings: sales, announcing specials, invitations, etc.

This activity involves drafting rough sketches and estimate drawings. Depending on the company, the planning coordinator may also be in charge of the project’s budget.


  • Architectural technicians, engineers or professionals with equivalent training (bachelor’s degree) are usually involved.
  • Solid experience in global project management in the field of architecture is required.
  • If the budget is included under the person’s responsibilities, management skills are crucial.
  • The project coordinator must know how to develop and manage a team.
  • Skills developed in house have a high premium. Seniority with the banner is essential.
  • Good knowledge of the National Building Code (NBC).
  • Belonging to the Quebec Order of Architects is an asset.


  • Excellent organization skills and ability to prioritize
  • Good communicator
  • Must be willing and available to travel (frequent travel to job sites)
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Ability to manage several projects at the same time
  • Seeks to surpass initial objectives network