Counter Manager Profession Overview


  • Department supervisor
  • Division manager


Counter managers are an essential retail link. They serve as the connection between management and employees and between products and customers. They have to have a sense of responsibility and leadership.  Counter managers have a variety of avenues open to them to meet the objectives set by store management, from promoting the products they are responsible for to their placement in the department. This means that counter managers are the brains as well as the brawn of a retail business.

Their day-to-day tasks:

Product management

  • Knowing the products inside out
  • Selecting the best location for the products based on consumer tastes and supplier imperatives
  • Organizing product promotions on displays
  • Actively participating in the writing of sales catalogues, and ensuring that the products they are responsible for are featured
  • Monitoring inventory reductions and placing orders with suppliers
  • Meeting suppliers to stay up to date with what’s new

Personnel organization

  • Recruiting personnel
  • Organizing the employees’ use of time
  • Training and advising personnel by participating in their day-to-day tasks
  • Accounting to the manager for the profitability of the products they are responsible for


Persuasion skills and a sense of initiative are qualities that are inherent to counter managers. They have to convince customers of the quality of their products, as well as suppliers, who entrust counter managers with their brand image. They have to have teamwork skills to encourage the employees that report to them to reach the objectives set by management. Counter managers should also be flexible and creative, in order to quickly adapt to demand.


Counter managers are excellent salespeople—sales techniques must have no secrets for them. It is essential for them to be thoroughly familiar with their own and competitive products. They have to have some knowledge of administration and personnel management. Finally, they must be comfortable with management and logistics. network