Security – Loss Prevention


  • Security agent
  • Security clerk


Security agents, as indicated by their name, are in charge of overseeing the security of people, goods and the store itself. They are in place to prevent theft, vandalism against the store, as well as the assault of staff or customers. They monitor the store by doing regular rounds, and controlling the comings and goings of customers, as required. They don’t hesitate to stop suspicious individuals to maintain order in retail stores. They are sometimes assisted with cameras and anti-theft systems. They may have to provide first aid.

On a day-to-day basis, security guards are responsible for the following:

  • Controlling access to the store
  • Regularly doing the rounds to prevent shoplifting, vandalism and fire
  • Monitoring access to the store and controlling the comings and goings of people
  • Maintaining order
  • Using security systems equipment to monitor activities inside and possibly outside the store
  • Controlling customers and their bags
  • Applying the security and emergency practices in effect in the store
  • Responding to fire alarms and other emergencies
  • Controlling the functioning of security devices
  • Intervening during an incident


  • Anticipating situations, preventing incidents
  • Applying strict security rules
  • Methodically organizing their work
  • Having basic first aid notions
  • Practising a sport or physical activity


  • Calm
  • Good self-control
  • Not phased by anything
  • Good observer network