Job Descriptions In The Retail Sector

Have a look on the différent jobs in retail. Role, evolution, employment oppotunities...

Branch Planning and Construction

EXAMPLES OF JOB TITLES Branch development coordinator Branch construction/planning manager Commercial buildings project manager or coordinator DESCRIPTION The planning, construction and renovation department is in charge of the building and layout of branches for major banners. It is active in work involving the building, moving, enlarging or renovating of annexes. Large companies often have this […]

Buyer and Purchasing Role : Job Description

EXAMPLES OF JOB TITLES Head buyer Senior buyer Assistant buyer Buyer DESCRIPTION As indicated by its name, the purchasing department handles the purchase of merchandise and raw materials for a store or a business, based on the financial and logistical resources available to it and on company policy. It is in charge of seeking out […]

Retail Supervisor

EXAMPLES OF JOB TITLES Head cashier Sales team leader Sales manager Supervisor JOB DESCRIPTION Of a higher hierarchical level than sales staff and cashiers, supervisors manage personnel by hiring, training and coordinating their activities. They delegate and distribute tasks to various sectors, as well as work schedules. They are also jointly in charge of resolving […]

Sales Consultant in Retail

EXAMPLES OF JOB TITLES Salesperson Front desk sales clerk Associate salesperson Sales assistant Sales associate Counter clerk Sales clerk Retail sales consultant Sales attendant JOB DESCRIPTION Sales consultants are in charge of handling the sale or lease of a wide range of products and services directly to consumers, and of answering requests for information from […]

Counter Manager Profession Overview

OTHER JOB TITLES OF THE COUNTER MANAGER Department supervisor Division manager JOB DESCRIPTION Counter managers are an essential retail link. They serve as the connection between management and employees and between products and customers. They have to have a sense of responsibility and leadership.  Counter managers have a variety of avenues open to them to […]

Visual Presentation – Merchandising : Job Description

EXAMPLES OF JOB TITLES Marketing/visual presentation coordinator Assistant marketing/visual presentation coordinator Window dresser, assistant window dresser JOB DESCRIPTION – VISUAL PRESENTATION Nothing is left up to chance in retail—from the placement of products in the department to the window displays, including lighting; everything is designed for the customer to move around in a pleasant and […]

Security – Loss Prevention

EXAMPLES OF JOB TITLES Security agent Security clerk JOB DESCRIPTION Security agents, as indicated by their name, are in charge of overseeing the security of people, goods and the store itself. They are in place to prevent theft, vandalism against the store, as well as the assault of staff or customers. They monitor the store […]

Retail Store Manager : Job Description

EXAMPLES OF JOB TITLES Assistant manager Manager Merchant Owner DESCRIPTION OF THE FUNCTION Managers are in charge of the store’s day-to-day activities. Their role is to optimize store sales and profitability. They coordinate employee management, cash register operations, and inventory. They aim to provide customers with a positive shopping experience. Basic daily tasks include: Planning […]

Logistics and Inventory Clerk : Job Description

EXAMPLES OF JOB TITLES Logistics clerk Inventory clerk Inventory planner Inventory analyst JOB DESCRIPTION In a retail store, the people in charge of logistics and inventory process purchase transactions,  inventory material, equipment and stocks, and take care of procurement. Taking inventory is legally required; at least once a year, each product carried in the store […]

Shipping and Receiving Clerk : Job Description

EXAMPLES OF JOB TITLES Shipping/receiving coordinator Merchandise shipping/receiving clerk Shipper/receiver DESCRIPTION Shipping/receiving clerks plan and coordinate merchandise transit activities. They can also be required to manage customer orders, their receipt, inter-store transfers, and warehouse organization and stocking. They are also responsible for ensuring the proper shipment of deliveries and the integrity of inventory. Labelling and […]

Retail Cashier : Job Description

EXAMPLES OF JOB TITLES Cashier Cashier/wrapper JOB DESCRIPTION In permanent contact with customers, cashiers are in charge of ringing up product sales and receiving payments. Depending on the type of business, their duties may vary quite a bit; they may have various departmental tasks to do or be assisted by a wrapper. In general, their […] network